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Making Realistic Particle Effects From Photos

While working on drills for ReStock I realized I needed some particle effects for when the drills are in use. I wanted the effect of small rocks being kicked up from the ground and falling back down, but my attempts at a texture for the rocks all ended up looking more like potatos. A lumpy excuse for a rock Here on earth, we have plenty of potato-shaped rocks due to erosion in water and wind, but in space theres no such forces to smooth out rocks, and they... See More

Teardown and Repair of a G4 Cube Optical Drive

The Cube’s innards can be removed with the pop-out handle There is a surprising amount of empty space around the optical drive The Optical drive in a G4 cube I was messing with was malfunctioning, and wouldn’t fully eject any disks. Since the computer wont take standard slot-loading disk drives (the connector is upside down) and is somewhat bigger, I would need to buy something off ebay if I wanted to replace the part. I... See More

Hacking a 1986 computer mouse into the 21st century

While looking through a pile of computer hardware I found an original Apple ADB mouse, the one that shipped with the Apple IIgs and several models of mac. It’s an extremely simple piece of hardware, with only a single button on top and a mechanical ball on the bottom. Interestingly, the cable on the mouse is very short, since it was designed to be daisy-chained with an ADB keyboard. My idea was to transplant the internals from a cheap bluetooth mouse (one I have kept in my ba... See More